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Smart Insights. Agency B2B digital marketing plan example

Digital marketing plan –
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How will this example plan help me and my business?

Marketers’ needs are changing at an incredible rate, influenced heavily by technology, data, consumer demands, talent, and financial pressures. Marketing agencies must be adaptive and reflective of clients’ needs in order to stay ahead of continuous developments. Those who can adapt are likely to flourish, and that means having a detailed marketing plan to work from and KPIs to measure against.

This example plan has been created, both as an example for you to read, and a template to modify with your agency’s targets and strategies. It considers a hypothetical agency, Splurge, that primarily works with martech businesses and presents an example of how the company could grow its leads, engage new audiences, and monitor its marketing activities closer.

Who is this plan for?

This example plan has been created to show marketers how to structure a digital marketing plan that will increase the online profile of a marketing agency. It has been written so that marketers at every level can understand the actions required and how they fit into an overall strategy.

KPIs in this plan have been marked with Xs so that you can fill in your own company’s targets when you adapt it.

How is the plan structured?

This plan has been written for Splurge, an example digital marketing agency that primarily works with martech clients. It is structured into the following sections:

  • Summary of integrated digital strategy (including company background and internal analysis)
  • Opportunities currently available in digital marketing (the company’s current performance and key issues/under-utilized channels)
  • Strategy to achieve objectives
  • Actions to implement digital strategy

Resource Details

  • Author: Sarah Lindley
  • Format: Example marketing plan (Word document)

About the author

Sarah Lindley

Sarah Lindley, Managing Director at The Yorkshire Marketing Agency, is an award-winning Chartered Marketer. Sarah holds over 10 years’ experience in implementing results-driven marketing and communications strategies, plans, and campaigns.



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